Do I really need a printer cleaning kit?

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May 2, 2018
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May 2, 2018

Do I really need a printer cleaning kit?

The cleaning kit is one of the additional needs to optimize the prints on your card printer, which you must have for the PVC card printer to keep it free of dust and work under optimal conditions.

Do I really need a printer cleaning kit?

Yes, surely you really need. Many people do not realize this, because the trivial factor, even the smallest set of dust can cause damage to the card printer. When you use your plastic card printer, dust and other particles are brought through your printer rollers to the printhead. Over time, dirt will accumulate inside the printer causing spots and cavities to appear on your print card and ID Card. significantly decreases the quality of printed cards and in some cases, causes full printer ID damage.

What is included in the cleaning kit?

A cleaning kit usually includes:

• Cleaning pens / swabs
Used to clean the printhead. It may look like a marker or a cotton bud.
• Cleaning cards
Used to clean the printer rollers. Like a card that has been soaked (special) in a cleaning solution.
• Cleaning pads
Used to clean dust and other debris from inside the printer.

One cleaning kit contains sufficient cleaning supplies for more than one printer or multiple cleanups running in one printer.

Are plastic printer cleaning kits cost-effective?

Our Printer manufacturer recommends cleaning your printer every time you replace your ribbon. approximately every 500 to 1000 prints. You can purchase a multi-purpose cleaning tool (10 to 25 cleaning times) for the cleaning kit price depending on your brand and model of printer.

• Fargo Printer Cleaning Kit
• Cleaning the Zebra Printer Kit
• Evolis Printer Cleaning Kit
• HiTi Printer Cleaning Kit

If you print 50,000 plastic cards over the life of your card printer, you should clean your printer at least 100 times. It spends an affordable total cost of cleaning supplies for the entire life of your printer. Now compare that amount to the cost of replacing the printhead, which is quite expensive

While cleaning the printer on a regular basis does not guarantee 100% trouble-free operation, it can only reduce the incidence of printer damage and increase the life of your equipment while saving you money in the long run.

Where can I buy cleaning supplies for my plastic card printer?
Global Secure Pty Ltd carries original cleaning supplies and equipment for all major brands of card printers.


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