Evolis RCT023NAA Black Ribbon

Evolis RCT023NAA – 2000 Images – Black card printer ribbon – compatible with Evolis Zenius, Primacy, Kiosk, and Elypso printers.


Evolis RCT023NAA Black ribbon | produces monochrome black on your plastic cards using Evolis Zenius, Primacy Elypso and Kiosk card printers. The Evolis RCT023NAA can produce up to 2000 card prints with sharp black text, images or barcodes. This high-volume black Evolis ribbon saves you time and money, since you can you it for a long time.

RCT023NAA is an Evolis High Trust® printer ribbon which features an easy-loading ribbon cartridge that simply drops into your Evolis Zenius printer and automatically initiates a calibration process that produces optimal card print quality. It also features a detection system that tells you exactly how much ribbon capacity remains and reports directly to the Evolis Print Manger software on your computer. When the ribbon is nearing its end, an alert is displayed on-screen. Finally, the packaging on Evolis High Trust® printer ribbons is made of recyclable plastic and the ribbon is made of recycled material, making them easy on the earth.

Finally, Evolis RCT023NAA black monochrome ribbon boasts an innovative Ribbon Saver feature which uses only as much ribbon as needed to print your design, rather than using an entire card-length of ribbon.


Evolis RCT023NAA Specifications:

Ribbon Color: Monochrome Black
Ribbon Prints: 2000 card prints
Printer Compatibility: Evolis Zenius, Elypso, Kiosk and Primacy