Card Temik

BS-201 and 75 RF User Card.


•Rated for 100,000 repeat usages

•Typical read range: 1/2″

•Weight: 0.2oz (5.8g)

•Dimensions: 3.38″L x 2.14″W x 0.031″D

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Card Temic | Blank Card

  • Material: pvc
  • Product name:125Khz writable blank card
  • The chip type: Atmel T5567 / T5577
  • Storage capacity: 330 bits
  • Working frequency: 125 KHZ
  • Size:85.5*54*0.84+/-0.02BS-201 and 75 RF User Card.•Rated for 100,000 repeat usages•Typical read range: 1/2″•Weight: 0.2oz (5.8g)•Dimensions: 3.38″L x 2.14″W x 0.031″D
  • Communication rate: 9600 bonds
  • Reading distance: 5-10 cm
  • Reading and writing time: 67 ms
  • Erasable life: > 100000 times
  • Data storage: 10 years


Widely used in entrance guard, consumption, hotel lock, water meter, electricity meter and gas meter and a series of ID card management application system.


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