Practical Ways to Choose a Card Printer

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May 2, 2018

Practical Ways to Choose a Card Printer

Practical Ways to Choose a Card Printer – The world of print ID card printers is currently indispensable for the business world. Because no wonder if there is enough printer ID. There are several factors that can be used on the card printer / Printer ID Card.

There are 4 types of card types: reverse-transfer or retransfer, dye-sublimation, offset and screen printing (or a combination of offset and screen printing). Print id cards using offset method using large machine

The majority of id card printers use colorful sublimation but with higher models using reverse-transfer system. The biggest difference between dye-sublimation and reverse-transfer is speed and cost.

This time really helps you in choosing a quality identity card printer, you should see an article on How to Choose a Card Printer Machine.

Practical and Affordable

On ID Card printers that are printed using a thermal transfer system can be much more efficient than offset printers and screen printing. Identity card printers can give you extra time. Do not forget to choose a printer with a simple model and should be flexible now varied cards can be durable.

Resilience of the Printer ID Card

Recognize the print quality of identity card printers with laminating capabilities.

Always make sure the manufacturer’s warranty (parts and service).

Always make sure the list of printer brands, and printer maintenance warranty with the necessary equipment conditions to keep the printer in good condition.

Image quality

The fact is the image quality is reflected on all identical ID card / printer card printers. For the best picture quality then choose a card printer or an identity card printer that can print every front and back of the card in the printing process.

Keep in mind, For printer and identity card needs use C (cyan) M (magenta) Y (yellow) K (black panel) instead of CMY. But to print the image using CMYKO tape, where O is to overlay panel.

Encoding and Secure

Smart chip data cards not only have the ability to store information, but also can be used for sensitive information.

You can make sure the type of card printer needs you can use, for example to store data, then choose a printer or ID card printer that can rewrite the data on the card in sequence.

Support system

For those of you who want to have a choice of security solutions such as hologram and microchip laminated. then you should pay attention to some kind of it. This printer should be like Windows 7 and Windows 7 which is a standard used by many people.

Of course for those of you who have microsoft operating system windows 8 or windows 10 then minimize to get the specification and consultation services directly with our staff, ready to assist you in choosing the best printer and card id compatibility.

Ethernet or USB technology is used as a link to the local network.

Hopefully Practical reviews How to Choose Printer Identity Card Printer.

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