ID Card Printer Process | Retransfer Printers x Direct to Card Printers

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May 2, 2018

ID Card Printer Process | Retransfer Printers x Direct to Card Printers

In the realm of ID card printers there’s two technologies that rule the marketplace. Direct to Card and Retransfer printers. What are the variations? Is a much better than another? Continue reading and I’ll explain.

The Way They Print

Direct to Card (DTC):

Just like it’s named, the DTC printers print from paper mind to the card because the card passes underneath the print mind. Each panel (YMCK along with a top/over coat) will get printed individually individually Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and when preferred, a high coat or higher coat is printed within the card.


Fraxel treatments has got the image printed onto a retransfer film first, then that film is heat pressed to the card. Much like DTC, card ribbon is YMCK and prints one panel at any given time. The variations finish there. Paper mind engages the ribbon which prints around the retransfer film. The show is supported by one of the wheels therefore it does not move once the image is printed. When finished the whole completed image positions within the card and it is folded up with heat and pressed to the card

Benefits of Each Technology:


Lower in advance cost, typically a lesser ribbon cost, typically outputs more cards each hour

Retransfer: Retransfer printers allows the image to be applied to the entire surface of the card making it look very professional, more durable more protected image (in comparison with no lamination), lifetime printhead warranty.


So Which Would You Opt For?

The reply is within the application.

Decide on a DTC printer if:

you would like less expensive, don’t care an excessive amount of about picture quality, and also you don’t swipe your card via a magnetic stripe or bar code readers (should you choose I would suggest a printer having a lamination unit), a printer this is a little faster.

Decide on a Retransfer Printer if:

You would like top quality card images, are utilizing a greater cost prox or smart card with any volumes over 500 prox badges printed each year, you’ll need a more protected image and fewer deterioration around the card (again for those who have heavy use from swiping, it is best to consider a lamination unit for the card printer), an eternity printhead warranty, and full within the edge printing.

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